UNL presented an updated version of its website

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On February 5, 2019, the Ukrainian National Lottery presented a new version of its website to users. During the development of the site, all the requirements and wishes of the players were taken into account, said Andriy Bochkovsky, General Director of the UNL.

Speaking about the innovations, Andrey Bochkovsky also said that they had long been considering the idea of ​​creating their own site, which would be concise and understandable for all users: When developing our site, we tried to take into account all the wishes of the players. In this version of the site, users will receive an updated menu, a convenient registration system, and much more. In addition, the new site is now also available on mobile devices, and you can download the mobile version even when there is a temporary lack of Internet access: Innovations reflect the main principles of transparency and security that our company adheres to. Players now have access to a clear purchase of lottery tickets and a transparent system for paying out winnings. Earlier, representatives of the Ukrainian National Lottery reported that the amount of jackpots from digital and instant games in 2018 amounted to UAH 568.78 million.

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