US state authorities distribute lottery tickets to those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus

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To activate the residents of Kentucky so that they are vaccinated against coronavirus infection, the authorities of this region of the United States use a gambling method. The Kentucky State Lottery is giving away free lottery tickets to those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. This will continue until all 225,000 tickets run out – with 1.9 million people already vaccinated in the state. Thus, residents of Kentucky can combine business with pleasure for their health, according to representatives of the lottery. Those who got vaccinated helped keep the state sanitary and had the opportunity to win hundreds of thousands of dollars for free, the Kentucky administration noted, commenting on the state lottery action. As My Lucky Story reported, the organizers of the 2021 Rugby World Cup have received a serious partner – the UK National Lottery. Earlier it became known that the audit of the financial activities of the National Lottery of Ireland – in particular, spending on charity – was initiated by the authorities of this country. Recall that the authorities of Idaho allowed the Powerball lottery to continue to hold their drawings in the state.

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