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Another press conference was held by Anton Kuchukhidze, head of the GAU Gambling Association of Ukraine, at which he suggested that industry participants adopt the experience of their British colleagues.

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According to the expert, it is the British gambling business development system that is the best option for Ukrainian gambling operators. The following factors were cited as an example: openness and transparency of business, regular studies of the functioning and impact of gambling on the population, especially on unprotected citizens prone to gambling addiction. According to Anton Kuchukhidze, it is very important not only to study the field, but also to inform citizens about the content of these studies, thus creating a kind of communication system with all segments of the population. This is necessary both for those who take part in gambling and for those who are not related to them, but they have the right to know what is happening and how. In this way, according to the head of the Gambling Association of Ukraine, it is possible to change the negative attitude of some Ukrainians towards the process of legalizing the gambling business in Ukraine. It should be noted that to date, the Ukrainian authorities have already issued 18 gambling licenses. As My Lucky Story reported, the list of hotels and cities where gambling houses will appear is constantly growing. CRAIL also continues to issue permits for online gambling.

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