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In the article, we will learn what MTT tournaments are and start with the fact that today this is the most popular type of poker competition. And their popularity is explained primarily by the fact that participants, paying not the largest buy-ins, have the opportunity to win very large cash prizes.

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MTT tournaments Multi-Table-Tournament literally and actually translates as multi-table tournaments or multi-table tournaments. These competitions, due to the dynamics and entertainment, are regularly broadcast on television. They are arranged according to a fairly simple scheme – the organizers announce the size of the buy-in, the participants pay the set entry fee, and each of them becomes the owner of his own stack (a certain number of poker chips), the stacks of each are equal to each other – which means that the players have the same chances of winning. Depending on the number of declared participants, the event organizers provide the appropriate number of poker tables and the competition is ready to start.
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Recall that a certain part of the buy-in goes to the organizer, and the main share goes to the formation of the prize fund. We also note that most professional players take part only in those tournaments where this fund is large enough. If a participant (participants) leaves the tournament, the rest of the players are seated so that an equal number of participants remains at each table. The game continues. When a lot of people take part in a Multi-Table-Tournament, it can last not just many hours, but even several days. It has been noticed that players who prefer cash poker often do not cope with the format of large tournaments. This happens for the reason that the tactics of the game and the strategies used in tournaments are specific. Tournament poker requires special training and knowledge, flexibility in decision-making and the ability to adapt to circumstances. In an MTT, you should consider not only the strength of your starting hand, but also the size of the small and big blinds at certain stages of the tournament, the advantages and disadvantages of your position at the table. It is very important and at what stage the tournament itself is now – initial, middle or final. Some hands that would be folded by a player in a classic cash game will still be played in tournaments of this format even at the final stage of the event. After all, it is at this stage of the tournament that we are talking about very high stakes, which means that even not the strongest pairs will be played aggressively.
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In the process of Multi-Table-Tournament – MTT tournaments, there are three main stages or stages – this is the initial – early stage, middle and final. Let’s see what happens on them and how, find out how long they last and what is special about each of them. So, at the first – early stage, players need to be more calm and even patient. Their main task at this time is to try to double the size of their stack. The time of the first part of the event is the time of confident play of strong hands and good combinations. Note that the early stage of the MTT takes up almost half of the entire tournament and is the longest. By the end of it, there are very few participants left at the tables. In the middle stages of the competition, the tight style of the early is replaced by a more aggressive style of play. This aggression is justified by the fact that the bank of the game has increased significantly and the blinds themselves have become many times larger than the original ones, and now they are increasing much faster. At this stage, not all hands participate in the draw and participants already feel as close as possible to the prizes. The late stage of a multi-table tournament is dedicated to the fact that the participants are trying to get to the final table of the event. They have already entered the list of those who will receive a guaranteed minimum payout and now they want to compete for the main prize money in the final. Experienced tournament players argue that this is where two factors need to coincide – the level of your game and the favor of Fartuna. After all, how often are situations when a player, having come close to the coveted table of finalists, loses and leaves the fight. The late MTT period increases the value of the blinds, especially since they are now very large, which means that even winning the blinds on the early streets of poker can greatly increase your stack and allow you to win. At the final table, you will be much more comfortable fighting with a big stack.

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