What does freezeout poker mean?

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This review article will be devoted to such a concept as Freezeout Poker. Namely, we will talk about the freezeout tournament format. The main distinguishing feature of such tournaments is the lack of an opportunity to rebuy – they do not use add-ons or re-buys. So if a player loses his entire stack during the freezeout of a tournament, regardless of the stage of the competition, then he leaves the game without any opportunity to rebuy or restore his stack.

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It is for this reason that freezeout events are considered more complex with high risks. Freezeout tournaments are quite widespread in poker rooms, that is, in online poker. In tournaments, the freezeout buy-in is the only, but mandatory, cash contribution, the player receives the corresponding stack and this is his entire bankroll for the tournament. Note that the main event of the World Series of Poker – WSOP and European Poker Tour – EPT is held in the freezeout. The freezeout format in poker obliges players to use specific strategies and tactics. Professionals choose a tight style for the initial stages of such tournaments – they avoid all-ins and large bets, as well as large reraises. All this is due to the fact that in the freezeout there is no way to restore the stack in case of defeat. Tactics of the Game at the Initial Stages of the Tournament Freezeout At the initial stages of the tournament freezeout it is better to refrain from any aggressive decisions. Do not make rash and risky big bets, at this stage there are still too many opponents who are ready to call your bets. As mentioned above – play tight, carefully monitor your cards and the behavior of your opponents – their reaction to the strength of pocket cards, pay attention to your position at the table relative to the button. Tactics of the game at the middle stages Freezeout of the tournament At the middle stages of the freezeout of tournaments, inexperienced or weak participants are usually already eliminated, so to speak. More experienced and stronger players remain in the game, choosing a tight-aggressive style of play. Recall that there are no add-ons and re-buys today and no one wants extra risks. Players only bet when they have a strong enough hand. Very few calls occur unless the participants have a strong hand. Note that small pots are played at this stage. According to the scheme – “slowly but surely” you can increase your own stack. Some experienced poker players resort to aggressive behavior in the course of the draws – making a minimum number of check and call decisions. In tournaments with a large number of tables (MTT-tournament) with a significant reduction in their stack, players resort to push-fold tactics – they fold or all-in preflop. Tactics of the game at the last stages Freezeout of the tournament At the final stage of freezeout tournaments, the stage of prize money begins. With each departure of the losing participants, the size of the main prizes increases significantly, as does the intensity of passions, which must be restrained by each of the players in order to avoid mistakes one step away from victory. When it is already very close to the cherished goal, you can no longer find loose players at the poker tables. Participants behave as accurately as possible, there is a real scan of each opponent and his behavior. The most experienced and attentive to the reactions of the opponent players can afford a carefully calculated bluff, for sure they know that the opponent will fold. It should be noted that in this part of the tournament, the sizes of blind mandatory bets – blinds – have been significantly increased. They become clearly large, relative to the stacks of participants themselves. Now is the time when a strong preflop starting hand can become a reason for a big bet, provoking opponents to not wait for the flop and fold. Since even the bank collected from the first bets at these stages is already a good win. Let’s sum up – Freezeout Poker really obliges players to observe special rules of conduct and tactics in the early – initial stages of the competition. This is the time to use a tight style and extra caution. As for the middle stage and the final part, everything here is the same as in the classic rebuy version, because re-buy and add-on do not happen “when you want”, there are clear time limits for them, and by the middle of the tournament the opportunities to rebuy are already over.

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