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Poker is a game that combines familiar classics and original rules in its 150 variations, big wins and high-profile losses, strict poker academies and slang that is almost familiar to all players. Some conditional, so to speak, designations have deeply and seriously entered the vocabulary of the game – this article will be devoted to one of them, or rather, the term Nuts. Nuts means “nuts” in English, but there is another version that came to us from the era of Wild West poker. At that time Nuts were called nuts, namely, fasteners on the wheels of a wagon, and when the cowboys were about to make an all-in, having very strong cards in their hands, they bet the nuts from the wheels of their transport, so to speak, as a guarantee that in case losing – they will not run away.

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There is another option – in the UK, Nuts is a symbol of something very strong and indestructible, the British say that it is impossible to split, break or, as in the case of poker, win. What are Nuts in poker To date Nuts in poker is the strongest combination at a certain stage of the game. And we do not mean the cherished royal Straight Flush, but we are talking about a regular Straight or even a Set (Three of a Kind). Sometimes a medium, but promising hand can be attributed to the “nuts”. The participant who gets the Nuts most often wins and takes all the pot of the game. Professionals are able to optimally extract their value from this situation – that is, fill the pot with opponents’ chips as much as possible before winning. Here it will be better to behave in slowplay mode, making decisions by checking, calling and making small bets to the river, and later try to bet more, provoking opponents to spend their stack. Let’s look at an example of what the Nuts or Nuts hand is in poker. Let’s start with the turn – let’s say you have two Queens (QQ) in your opening hand, and your opponent has two Sevens (77) – the following cards come out on the board – Queen, Seven, Eight, Eight (Q, 7, 8, 8) – it turns out that both of you have collected an excellent full-fledged combination of Full House, but at the same time, the Nuts hand is the one that has Queens. Now your opponent has a chance to win only if his out comes to Four of a Kind on the river – that is, if the total Seven comes on the table. Note that Nuts on Rivere Street is already a guaranteed victory if you do everything right and do not go to Tilt with joy. The Nuts in Poker – Varieties of the Nuts in poker have two separate classifications – the Absolute Nuts and the Current Nuts. The first option is the Nuts hand at the River stage, when the board already has all the community cards and there will be no more “surprises” or outs – this Nuts is the best possible option. Combinations that are suitable for this category are – Four of a kind (four unsuited cards of the same value / denomination) at the Flop stage; a combination of a full-fledged Flush (five cards of the same suit going out of order) at the Turn stage; Straight Flush combination (five cards of the same suit, going in exact order) with the condition that there is no out card for your opponent. And, of course, ideally, all of the above sets should be made up of high cards. The current Nuts is the second variant of the best combination, but already at one stage or another of the game – for example, on the Flop or Turn. Accordingly, on the following streets, the situation with the advantage has risks that will not change for the better, since your opponent can get the outs necessary for his strengthening and you will lose your “nuts”. How the Nuts are played The goal of any poker play is to get the maximum benefit, in the specific case of the Nuts, it is to get value. As in other situations during the game, you need to carefully monitor the behavior of your opponents or opponent, take into account your position at the table and choose your style of play. There are two main options for playing the Nuts hand – aggressive and passive. By choosing the aggressive play option, you will need complete confidence in your advantage over your opponents, by betting big or raising, you can provoke opponents to fold or sow doubts in the strength of their hands. Playing the Nuts passively is about calmly luring your opponents into play, with the goal of swindling as much of their stack as possible out of them by making return bets. Call or check – you need to lull their guard a bit and not immediately show your Nuts. And, of course, there is no point or need to fold the Nuts.

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