What lotto and casino winnings do Russians need to declare?

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The task of processing the tax on winnings will be shifted to the tax agent of the organizer of the lottery or gambling business. Note that only those citizens who have not won more than four thousand Russian rubles in a year are spared from paying the tax on winnings. In case of winning from four to 15 thousand rubles, it will be necessary to indicate it in 3-personal income tax, but everything that exceeds this threshold will be calculated by the organizer of the lotto or gambling and deducted by him independently. We emphasize that from March 9, innovations are planned in the existing form of tax reports, including this should also affect the winnings or monetary rewards of citizens in the lottery or gambling. The changes should come into effect at the beginning of the summer of 2021. As My Lucky Story previously reported, in April of this year, the Russian parliament plans to consider a bill to increase deductions from gambling and lotteries to the state budget from ten to twenty percent. Meanwhile, the Stoloto lottery operator announces the opening of an additional six thousand points for the sale of tickets for its lottery.

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