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What is bonus hunting or who are bonus hunters is clear from decoding and translation – bonus and hunter (in English hunter) – hunter or hunting (in English hunting) – hunting, that is, hunters or hunting for bonuses. This is a separate type of betters with the goal of earning on various bonuses using their own special strategies. Most often, such players try to avoid risks using various promotions introduced by bookmakers, and this will be discussed in today’s article. Bookmakers regularly carry out marketing moves in order to attract new customers by organizing and offering various bonuses. And although experienced bettors are hunting for bonuses here, because any bonus is given with the condition – “Wagering”, which means that for maximum benefit, the better will have to win back this promotion.

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Bonus hunters often use the game on the so-called surebets – they bet on the opposite results of the same event in different offices, securing a win for themselves in any outcome of the match, matches or series. Bonus Hunters Targets Sign Up Bonus or Welcome Bonus. It does not require opening a deposit, which means that the player does not use his real money. Most often this is a free bet – free bet. A dishonest, so to speak, bettor puts on one event in two different offices for a different outcome, in the hope that one bet will play or use the free bet as insurance. A bonus for opening a deposit also attracts bonus hunters, but such a promotion is subject to conditions for receiving – for example: a bettor must bet on several accumulators or events with certain odds. This is beneficial for bookmakers, since the player will still make some good bets if he wants to get a bonus doubling of the deposit, or in case of a loss, he will try to win back his money. In addition, there are tonic bonuses – in the language of betters – bonuses for additional replenishment of your deposit, they appear when the account for one reason or another reduces or suspends its activity, bookmakers also monitor this, and in order to return the participant to the game, he is offered a bonus, he can easily be tied to some holiday or event. Promotions of this type are accompanied by a wagering condition and are valid only for a certain, specified period. The refer a friend bonus is one of the favorite promotions of betting companies. This is the best option for rewarding an additional client. Often, they do not have conditions for mandatory wagering, but they have their own mandatory rules – registering on the bookmaker’s website, opening a deposit linked to an account, and directly – a bet. Limits on the amount and term of replenishment of the deposit can also be specified. Bonus hunters watch for sudden rewards with increasing odds. Most often, this happens when a better bets on a big accumulator or changes the “direction” of bets – that is, he suddenly tries to win on football betting instead of hockey or basketball, which is familiar to this player. The bonus seems very tempting, but beginners should not count on it too much – after all, the chance of losing also increases. Here, it is desirable to have specific experience. Many bettors are attracted by a bonus for a negative result, or more precisely for a loss. A kind of cashback from a bookmaker – with the motivation “I lost a hundred rubles, we will return you ten and the more you lose, the more we will return” and on the one hand, a certain percentage of the lost money is returned to the player, giving him a bonus opportunity to win back, and on the other hand, the better spends more, than returns. Of course, real bonus hunters, having behind them not only the so-called flair, but also a lot of experience, are able to competently use such promotion as insurance for their bets. And of course, there are two options for cashback – a bonus for replenishing a deposit to a better’s account and a bonus for bets made by a better. These are one of the most common types of rewards, since both actions are performed with enviable regularity and do not require any additional actions. But here, too, bookmakers protect their interests – cashbacks are not issued with “real” money, not immediately – you need to collect a certain amount, you can spend them only on a bet in this bookmaker company and at the rate determined by this company. How bookmakers protect themselves from bonus hunting Any bookmaker expects fair play from their customers and justifiably tries to protect their budget from scammers and fraud. To protect against hunting for bonuses, betting shops introduce their own restrictions and additional conditions for receiving bonuses. Consider possible situations – there is such a type of bonus as a welcome bonus, we gave its decoding in an article with the terminology of online games, so this “Welcome bonus” for registering (without opening a deposit) with a bookmaker can be very tempting for those who are ready to make only one bet – the player registers and receives a free bet – a free bet, registers in another office and, receiving another free bet, puts these bonuses on the opposite result of the selected event. This means that in any case, the better wins and at the same time he did not bet his “live” money. In response, bookmakers introduce conditions with clear rules. This means that in order to receive your bonus, the bettor will have to “stay in the game” and make one or another number of bets with the agreed odds. Thus, the office insures itself against one-time, so to speak, bettors, attracts new customers and increases the number of bets. Another obstacle in the way of bonus hunters is the relatively small number of official online bookmakers in the Russian Federation today. The ability to carry out a fraudulent “game” – multi-accounting – the creation of many new accounts and deposits with online bookmakers on other people’s data is very limited. Offices easily identify and quickly block scammers. The response from bookmakers is understandable. It should be borne in mind that any of them may not issue a bonus to a suspicious, in their opinion better, without explaining the reasons. The security service closely monitors all accounts and accounts created on their website, using and constantly improving verification mechanisms. Summing up, we note once again that every better has a chance to become a professional, so to speak, a bonus hunter, but, as in any other business, first of all, good preparation and practice will be needed. Bookmakers also know this, constantly improving their methods of protection against bonus hunting or fraud. The reaction to the abuse of promotions can be different – in some cases, the office does not give the assigned bonus, and in others it blocks the suspicious account and deposit. The hunter also runs the risk of being permanently blacklisted by the bookmaker. Almost every bonus has a dark side of restrictions or additional conditions, it is worth getting acquainted with them in advance and carefully so that a potential increase in winnings does not become an actual loss of the bet. If you are not a professional, you should not risk too much, but you don’t need to refuse the offered bonuses – carefully prepare for the game, soberly assess your capabilities and don’t tease luck with rash actions. Even the most successful cappers in history claim that in order to be successful in betting, you need to understand what you are doing. The desire of a betting lover to turn betting into an adventurous game is quite understandable, but this will require special strategies and endurance, since this advantage is not achieved through a one-time promotion, but over a long journey of calculated bets.

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