Workarounds for money of shadow operators could pass through Latvia

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A joint investigation by several Russian publications showed possible ways of money transfers during the activities of online casinos banned in the Russian Federation and Latvia itself. Of course, no criminal cases were opened after this investigation, the journalists tried to find out how money transfers and payments are made under the regime of strict prohibitions on illegal gambling. The points of the scheme begin with the bet of a player located in Russia, the amount is sent to one of the electronic transfer systems (there are even video instructions on how to do this) – the path has begun – an electronic wallet – RoyalPay in Latvian Riga. The office of this company really exists and from it money from Russia can get to any bank in Latvia. Of course, the journalists did not manage to find out all the subtleties, but this investigation shows that online casinos banned in the Russian Federation find ways to circumvent the restrictions by planting shady money transfer schemes on Russians. Note that RoyalPay refused to give any comments to the Russian media. The My Lucky Story edition continues to follow how the authorities of various countries are struggling with the problem of illegal gambling. Earlier, there was a publication that the tax service of the Russian Federation will be able to block the so-called intermediary sites for money transfers to prohibited gambling operators without litigation.

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