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Experts and ordinary people agree that it is impossible to fully calculate or calculate lady luck. There are giants in the world of betting and we are not talking about large betting companies, but about people who managed to earn very large amounts of money, adhering to their own rules and certain strategies. We bring to your attention a selection of the most interesting comments of experts on how to place bets without worsening your position, how to react to winning or losing, what factors you should pay attention to and how to improve yourself in this direction. Let’s start with one of the most famous players and a very controversial personality. Billy Waters made his first bet at the age of nine and lost the entire contents of his piggy bank – just over seventy US dollars. Defeats in the gambling sense of the word pursued him long enough and Mr. Waters began to approach the issue more carefully. In the early 80s, Bill began a new page in his life and moved to Las Vegas. Experience, intuition and winnings helped him get a good position in the Computer Group company – he traced the “weak points” in the rate lines and used them in the interests of the company, for which he received large fees.

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From his experience, Billy Waters says that it is very important to keep a cold mind and a cold calculation. In such a gambling game as betting, the key to success directly depends on your experience, analysis and skills. For your information – since 2015, Billy Waters, already at an advanced age, has been serving a prison term (for insider trading in Dean Food shares for a multi-million dollar sum) in Pensacola. George Armitage Miller is not just a lucky player – his books and strategies have not lost their popularity and relevance for many decades. It was he who became the author of the Miller system, which is used to make the right bets in any type of gambling – be it betting on sports events or playing at the Black Jack table.
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His main advice was a simple axiom – the wrong betting tactics are much worse than losses. The Miller strategy, or, as it is also called, the plateau system, shows that it is optimal to place bets based on the size of your bankroll – that is, the budget. His proofs are based on mathematical calculations. For your information – J.R. Miller received his PhD in psychology from Harvard and was personally awarded the United States National Medal of Science by George W. Bush for his book The Science of Words. Also, Dr. Miller is one of the most famous bettors at American football events. The man with the reputation of being “the thunderstorm of the bookies” is Lem Banker. That’s who can rightfully be called a professional player – Lam, in his own words, did not receive a single salary in his life – because he did not work – all his income was from winnings on bets. Strict discipline helped the master to make that very American dream come true. One of his most famous quotes was the phrase “Do not take risks in vain, all you managed to keep is also your winnings.”
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Mr. Banker always advises carefully choosing worthwhile events and making decisions with your head, not allowing yourself to spend too much – betting no more than five percent of your bankroll and not worry about missed opportunities, because betting events occur almost every day, providing new opportunities for thoughtful bets. For your information – many bookmakers in the states literally did not let Lam place bets. Analysts tried to understand why he was so lucky. In 1986, Lem Banker published his most popular book, Lem Banker’s Book of Sports Betting. In 2020, at the age of 93, Lam Banker passed away, during his long life he managed to earn a multi-million dollar fortune. The real king of calculus in all things betting and decision making is Anthony Grant Bloom. Having made his first bets as a teenager, he realized that he liked it. After graduating from an elite college and having received a good education, Tony Bloom worked for some time at the well-known betting company BetVictor as an analyst.
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A few years later, he already started his own business by founding and leading Premier Bet, by the way, this is the first company that provides bettors with the opportunity to place online bets. Bloom loves poker very much and makes good money on it. Since 2009 he has owned Brighton FC. The main strategy and the main principle of Tony Bloom is a detailed analysis of each bet that you want to make! He owns the statement that the size of the bet should not depend in any way on the amount of previous defeats or victories. For your information – the world-famous publication “PokerNews” included Anthony Bloom in the list of the 15 best poker players in history. His, so to speak, nickname Lizard – a lizard, he received for restraint and composure during the game. We can see that the main strategy of the most successful bettors, which are described here, is still control over emotions, preparation and careful calculation. All the people presented in this article do not count on chance, but correctly distribute risks and opportunities.

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