Zlatan Ibrahimovic remains in football – he was fined 50 thousand euros for shares in the bookmaker

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In mid-April of the current 2021, information appeared that the star of the Milan football club, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, could be disqualified for being a co-owner of the Bethard betting company since 2018. The trial ended with UEFA limiting itself to fines – 50,000 euros from the player himself and 25,000 from Milan. The term of a possible suspension from sports activities and participation in the Milan club, as well as in the team of the Swedish national team in the Europa League, could be three years. In addition to penalties, the footballer was ordered to give up his share of the betting company, which, according to him, he did even before the decision of the Commission of the Union of European Football Associations. Recall that the investigation of this incident and verification of the facts was carried out by the UEFA ethics and disciplinary inspector, and the defendant himself, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, refused to comment.

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